JewelBOXX - SMS Based Alert Solutions

JewelBOXX is a Product for Home and Office security. It is a alarm based system that can detect an intruder entering into detection zone. Jewel-Watch will send the alarm message via SMS to the user immediately as an SOS. This equipment can also switch on lights via SMS, detect gas leak, glass break, fire, activate hooter and many more application. The user can also remotely monitor through making voice call to know what is happening at site and can also capture real-time picture for further investigation of intrusion.

JewelBOXX is an ideal device useful at nights and odd hours to keep watch on your most guarded places like Jewel Shops, Cash rooms, Locker rooms, Engine Room, Storage room, Warehouses, IP Based Security System, High security area to Monitor Passageway, Stairways or Exits in commercial

establishment round the clock.


  • JewelBOXX is a Wireless Alert & Alarm based system for Home & Office security it can be installed for indoor & outdoor security.
  • It is a perfect 24/7 alert guard for your valuable asset & to guard your safe places
  • It is an informer to inform you at right time when an uninvited visitor enters into detection zone
  • It detects unwanted movements at odd hours when your guard is fast sleep or fails to react.
  • It informs you and your colleagues about the intrusion or a Distress situation (Panic Button) within 2 minutes of its occurrence.
  • It Calls you on such intrusion so that you can listen to the voice, for further investigation and to take appropriate follow-up action.
  • You can also call any time if required to know what is happening at site in real-time
  • In Case of intrusion you can activate Hooter or Lights through (SMS/ by default) for diverting the attention or to panic the situation

  • Other Features:
  • You can also detect Temperature, Fire, Humidity, Gas leak, glass break and many more application
  • JewelBOXX is affordable and very economical which can cover around 2000 sqft area.
  • Alerts on mains disconnection and has 48 hrs inbuilt battery backup.
  • Any numbers of JewelBOXX can be used in one Location
  • You get daily active/ deactivate reminder of JewelBOXX.
  • You can programee the schedule time of JewelBOXX or activate it 24 hrs based on your need.


         To monitor 24 hours live intrusion JewelBOXX is ideal device at nights and at odd hours to keep watch on your most guarded places like:
  • Jewel Shops
  • Cash/Safe rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Engine Room
  • Storage room
  • Entrance Gate
  • State Check Posts
  • Forest Check Posts
  • Bank
  • ATM
  • Warehouses
  • Central/State/District Prisons
  • IP Based Security System
  • High security area to Monitor Passageway
  • Stairways or Exits in commercial establishment
  • Hazardous, Sensitive Areas
  • Harsh terrain were guarding by human is difficult.
  • Animal Rearing
  • Protecting Natural Environments